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For my senior seminar, we had to make an “elevator video” which is basically a short 1-minute video about ourselves and what we do. Basically it’s a horrifying experience for those who don’t like to film/talk about themselves

Mine’s literally just me sitting in front of my roommates webcam, but I’ll still ask if you guys want to see it or not

If you do, then give this post a like!

If not, then please forget that this post exist >.>

I promise it’s nothing special at all

So I’m currently taking a one on one class with my photo professor and I asked to be taught about lighting because I am absolutely clueless when it comes to external lighting equipment

Long story short I actually did this assignment wrong but we both still thought it was a good study on what different effects you can get by using the different umbrellas etc etc.

So in the top image:

The bottom image is what the assignment was actually supposed to be more like: Being able to change the image by use of light. I actually shot these two on a whim because I had forgotten about lighting the subject from the top and bottom, so I just quickly shot them with the hot light without any umbrellas.

Now I must go redo the assignment to be more like the bottom images. I’ll show you that when that’s done!

For funsies again

As I mentioned before, my art history professor is really big on hands on learning

So we learned about woodcuts. She gave us a piece of wood, told us to carve whatever, and we inked it.

I originally just did it in blue, but I thought it would be cool to layer it with yellow. However when I pressed down on it the second time around it slid a little.

Hello creepy kitty.

I’m in quite a good mood today, so here’s a post I’ve been putting off for a bit

We were required to read Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon for my first section of my Senior Seminar and I thought it was such a fantastic read and it provides really good advice for all artists no matter what stage of life you are in. I just found it really reassuring being told that what I am doing is alright and learning about things that I should try out.

I highly recommend this to all my lovely artsy followers, it’s good advice for all mediums.

I apologize for being missing this month.

First off, as of last weekend my computer is currently getting fixed. There was an accident involving some iced tea and it’s no longer charging so the motherboard is being replaced and I probably won’t get that back until I go home in two weeks (of course, that’s if the new motherboard fixes the problem >.>). I’m currently using my mother’s ancient Gateway from like 2007 that has the worst battery in existence and overheats in a matter of 2 minutes.

Secondly, one of my friends has been in the hospital since Monday. She apparently got the flu and it fucked up her sugar levels really badly (She’s a diabetic). She’s been slowly getting better, but as I said before, I can’t go home for another 2 weeks so I can’t see her until then.

Combine these things with school= the worst anxiety I’ve had to date. My chest has been constantly hurting and of course my body decides to give me the symptoms of a heart attack so I can freak out about that as well. This is the first day in awhile that I’ve felt pretty good and not hurting/panicking that much.

There’s a few small posts I want to make like my Metals/Jewelry homework assignments and projects and a few other fun art related things I’ve had to do for class.

I just really can’t do daily uploads for awhile.