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I apologize for the lack of uploads this week, I’m so out of the swing of setting up photos for uploading since I’ve been ahead of my queue schedule since April with all the photos I had

I was supposed to go to Longwood Gardens about two weeks ago but one of the people I was going with had to cancel last minute, so now we have plans to go at the end of August right before I go back to school. I had also intended on going someplace with my parents this summer *I won’t say in case we still get to go*, I had planned to have photos from both places keeping my uploads still consistent this summer, oh well.

Anyways, I made plans with a friend to take pictures of her this Friday, so hopefully we will get something from that. I also intend to see if anyone else would like some pictures before I go back to school next month. I keep telling myself that I’ll bring my camera to the farm when it’s actually sunny out, and I also have some self portraits in mind that I just haven’t had the motivation to try out yet.

Either way, I do intend to have some more new images before the summer ends.

Hope everyone’s summer has been enjoyable so far!