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And as expected, no Longwood Gardens yet again. My boyfriend’s sister got out of the hospital yesterday but nothing was really solved so this trip is delayed until she’s a bit more stable again. Oh well, there’s nothing we can really do about this situation and we don’t want to go without her so we’ll just have to wait :/

Anyways I’ll take this time to give you a general update about school and things to expect this semester


Metals and Jewelry

Senior Seminar

Senior Studio

Independent Study

I’m also taking an Art History class *1900s-1950s* and a class called Science in Visual Art *taught by my photo professor*. No art making will be going on in those classes but I’m required to go to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for both of them. I’m going to talk to those professors to see if I can be allowed to tackle those requirements in one trip, but I’m basically going into Philly at least once this semester lol

Also, our annual Art Department field trip to New York is October 23rd this year! We go and visit a bunch of museums for fun, and I also take this time to visit my friend Bean.


For those who are new to my blog, I work on campus as a photographer. I mainly do campus events *ex: I just took pictures at our back to school picnic just the other day. I got to shoot from the roof of the library for the first time! :D*, but every once in awhile I’ll get assigned to do some portraits or work at an open house taking photos of families in front of a backdrop. Every once in awhile I like a picture enough to put on here for my own sake.

My school has a Flickr account for the photos that my coworkers and I take, so you should check that out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/arcadiaunivnews/

I also just signed up to be a lab monitor for the darkroom again. 6-9pm on Mondays and maybe 7-9pm on Wednesdays if no one else wants the slot.

aaannnnddd that should be it! I’ll try to set up some older photos to upload. Until then, have a good week!