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17 new photos added to gallery!

First off, I have to thank you all for being so patient with me. This past month was just so hectic with shit going on in my personal life and school. Thankfully it’s been nothing but good news. My computer is back in action and my friend is doing absolutely fantastic and is actually able to leave the rehab center and go home tomorrow! School wise, I’m in a good spot right now with all my projects so I finally feel like I can breathe again.

This means that I have FINALLY gotten around to doing some photos!

The first bunch is actually from back in August! I got to shoot from the roof of our library for the Campus Picnic and the required travelling through the innards of the library, it was pretty sweet.

Next is a few photos of Trio Montage, who just performed a concert here on campus

The rest are 2 “failed” photo project ideas. One is my self proposed lighting project my professor is making me do for independent study, the others are extreme macros for a thesis idea. Basically these bodies will not be continued any further in class so I can put them on here separately.

I’ll also do posts of my in-progress projects to show you what I’m trying to do and maybe get some ideas from you guys!

I can’t promise this to be an official “back to daily posting” thing since this semester will probably never stop being hectic with 6 classes going on, but I am hoping this will get me back into the groove of things. Plus, you guys deserve some photos for being so patient with me!

Thank you and have a good weekend!

We have a crit for senior studio every 3 weeks to help us figure out what it is we should/will do as our thesis

Our first crit turned into an in progress crit because one classmate was sick and I didn’t have anything to show because of all the stuff that was going on in my life a few weeks ago (we only have three photo majors)

So we basically had our first real crit on Thursday and this is what I had to show.

The first 7 are “so macro it hurts” as I’ve been calling it. Basically the idea is to get so close to something that it is no longer recognizable and quite abstract. This was just kind of a quick simple idea so I would have something to show and it’s something I do well

The next is collections. I just think it would be a fun idea to explore and my professor liked it because it’s something I normally don’t do

The last is for the theme I really want to work with most which is Anxiety, and I’m trying to convey how it feels through mundane objects which is considered to be my specialty >.>

I also am going to shoot some photos with the theme being “long term relationships”. I had a photo shot for crit but I accidentally deleted it off the camera and I have to re shoot it >.>

For now I’m just going to leave these here as is, but once I figure out my main idea I’ll definitely go back and picked out some favorites from the thesis rejects and put them on here separately (like my anxious egg, I really love that egg).

I would highly appreciate any feedback or ideas for the themes/subjects I just mentioned! Enjoy!

Part 2 of my lighting project, in which I actually did the assignment right

This was just a little study/experiment on how you can change an image simply by changing the lighting via position, umbrellas, distance, etc.

I can’t recall what I did to each specific image, but I used a hot light with a white umbrella, silver umbrella, and no umbrellas.